How Outraged Will You Be After Reading This?

16 Oct

So, if you have been following this blog for quite some time, you will see that I try to equally balance my posts between tales of my daily adventures & discussion of any political/social problem currently going on in the world. One thing I can definitely credit living abroad for teaching me is to wake the hell up. I am 23-years-old, I have friends all over the world & would consider myself fairly ‘well-traveled’, therefore it’s time to drastically widen my horizons beyond social media & reality tv. And this is what I am trying to do.

Past posts have tackled everything from women’s rights & slut-shaming (remember my most viewed blog post ever?), the blatant Islamophobia in USA & just plain lack of information about the rest of the world ( remember when I first met the MEPIs?) & who could ever forget my initial seething letter to my homeland? Oh yes, I have written some wonderful rants which sometimes sparked wonderful dialogue which is the whole point! 

I am not on any sort of agenda here. I am not trying to argue with you or make you share my beliefs. I am just using my first amendment right to tell you that the world absolutely DOES NOT revolve around this country. As much as we act like it does.





How safe do you really feel these days? #FirstWorldProblems, right? 

I just pray that at least one of my posts has made you think ‘Hmm, maybe Feminism IS a real thing”, or “Wait, I can totally see how white privilege exists”, or “Wow, that football player/celebrity only got fined for beating his girlfriend?”, or maybe even, “I met this wonderful person from a Third World Country, whoa, they’re just like me!” 

We like to fall into this pattern of thinking things like ‘it doesn’t affect me, so it’s not that big of a deal’…well, guess what, things like Global Warming, Ebola & ISIS were considered ‘international crises’ long before they became a direct threat to the American people. It’s just that your bubble of privilege kept you distracted.

So how long will you stay distracted?

The whole point of this post & what I have been dissecting all along is the idea illustrated in this well-written list :

American Privilege  (it was written 4 years ago, but I still hear people say things like this every day)

How many of these things do you see/hear/feel every day? Who says it: family, friends, adults, children, the media, the government? Now, what are you going to do to stop it?

Outraged yet?



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