23 Nov

To all my lovely readers:

Some of you I know. You’re my family members who scour the internet searching for my elusive URL no matter how many times I copy/paste it verbatim via FB chat or e-mail.

You’re my friends who know firsthand my interesting sense of humor, crazy alter-egos & unwavering belief in kindness.

You’re my acquaintances who I may have only spoken to once or just only politely added on FB because I was a friend of a friend yet you keep clicking on the links every time I post them anyway.

Or some of you are strangers who are either co-workers Mama G has riled up to live vicariously through me or just other fellow bloggers who have blogs far more interesting & exciting than mine.

I want to thank you all.

You are the reason I keep writing. If you have been following Czech It Out Blog for a while now, you know that I usually try to narrate my time abroad laced with sarcastic humor intertwined with life lessons. But you also know that there’s some pretty personal things on here. I want to thank you for allowing me to feel comfortable to talk about those things. While I am lucky to be surrounded by so much love over here in Prague, sometimes, true to my Journalism major form, writing is the only thing that keeps me sane.  

I truly appreciate it every time someone tells me they love my blog. It’s a form of acceptance that only writing can have. This experience would have been much more difficult if I wasn’t able to keep an open dialogue about it.

When I first started Czech It Out, I wanted to keep things real. I didn’t want to merely make it a diary just narrating all my mundane activities, I also didn’t want to make it a ton of photos or travel-based (although I have nothing against such blogs!), I wanted to make it something you could relate to as well, dear readers. 

I wanted to write my blog about a 22-year-old recent college grad who decided to pack up her life & move to Prague alone but have every single post forcing you to say “I know how she feels”. 

This blog is not about me, it’s about us. 


Because we are all scared. Scared of change, scared of failure. We are all worried. Worried about money, worried about health, worried about love. We are all unsure & feel so alone sometimes. But we get through it. There are times when I have no food, no money & feel awful but then I just think to myself look where I am.

Look at how far I’ve come.

Look at what I did.

A lot of people always tell me that they could have never done what I did, & to this I say: have you ever tried? Have you ever followed your dreams? It’s not an easy thing to do. You have to work hard for dreams to become reality. But if it’s something that you honestly want with all your heart then I believe you’re willing to do anything. You are willing to sacrifice, to compromise & go the extra mile.

It’s all about perspective. One year ago I was a nervous college senior who called Mama G crying because I was so worried about the future. It’s funny how things work out, huh? 

Where were you one year ago? Where are you now? If you’re still in the same place & still unhappy about it do something. Don’t allow yourself to still be in the same exact place one year from now. Life is too short & the world is a big place. 

I am now approaching my 4 month marker living in Prague & have 7 more months to go. I have managed to survive TEFL courses, culture shock, apartment hunting, job searching & Visa applications.

Up next? My first Thanksgiving, Christmas & Birthday not at home. 

Some days I want to just quit, I want to book a plane ticket, run back home to sleep in my bed forever, only eat Mama G prepared feasts, cuddle my cat & hug my grandparents. But I can’t. I’m not finished over here yet. All the amazing experiences & people I have encountered tell me that this all happened for a reason. I said I would live here a year & I’m not the kind of girl who goes back on her word.

Plus you wouldn’t have a blog to read anymore 🙂

So thank you, thank you, thank you, whoever you all are. I appreciate all the support more than ever. Keep reading & I will keep on posting!


Jessi Graves 



2 Responses to “Reflections”

  1. ronald stacy December 12, 2013 at 2:02 am #

    If you never try you will never know. Remember the worst thing you can say is,” it might have been.” Go for it

  2. Katy Kraemer December 18, 2013 at 12:14 am #

    So true! If we stop trying then inside we are nothing but a lonely shell existing and just going through the motions. Keep writing girl!! We need you.!
    Love You
    Aunt Katy

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