Old Faces in New Places

9 Oct

If you’re thinking about coming to visit me in the magical Disney World-esque land of Prague…you totally should. Yeah, I know it’s expensive and you can’t get time off from work, blah, blah, blah. But let me tell you, once you step on the Czech soil, you are in for one hell of a good time.

My friend Kathleen is proof.

We went to the same prep high school in Connecticut 5 years ago where we became ‘Single Ladies’. My high school forced every student to join two sports teams (colleges love that ish), so in between my autumns on the scenic winding xc trails & my springs sporting adorable skorts on the tennis courts, I was a ‘theater geek’. Actually we weren’t geeks. We were awesome. We were a family. We were a bizarre group of random people who could all memorize long monologues that came to life on the stage. Um, are you really surprised I did plays? Anyways, I met & got close to Kathleen my senior year. We were in this amazing play called Stepping Out about a crazy array of characters in a tap class. (We actually learned how to tap dance too!) Being the veteran HBIC senior I was, I was (type?) casted as Sylvia aka: the loud, sassy, uncoordinated comedian of the bunch. Kathleen was Dorothy the neurotic, nervous, paranoid one. Best play ever.


(Above: Our drama crew will beat you up)

Not only did I get to spend every day after school pretending to be this awesome tap dancer, but all my closest friends were there too. Doing plays was one of the highlights of my high school career. And these are people who I still keep in touch with today. Shout out to all my Single Ladies!


(Above: Clearly we were all a little insane…)

Kathleen (and most of my drama friends) are younger than me. Thus I feel like their big sister. Like I will give them relationship advice & beat anyone up who gives them trouble. Haters, check yo’selves now. They have watched my crazy college life unfold, but now my time has passed & it’s their turn to party for 4 years. I was ESCTATIC when Kathleen said she was going to study abroad in Spain. It makes me proud to see someone following in my tap dancing footsteps. It worked out perfectly since the semester she would be spending in Spain was the same time I moved to Prague for this unreal lifestyle. So we made plans to meet up.


I know that many American students don’t even know where Prague is, let alone would ever want to spend their parents’ hard earned ca$h to vacation here while abroad. But I am very persuasive. So Kathleen flew from Spain to spend 4 glorious action-packed days in Praha! 

Once Kathleen stepped off the plane, the adventure began. After getting a mandatory welcome-to-Prague complimentary fried cheese at Wenceles Square, went one of the casual (& ever-numerous) Prague wine festivals. Yet, I, true to form, was too worn out from Jessayyy going too hard the previous night. So I sipped some (alcoholic) cider while I peer-pressured Kathleen into drinking a beer. 


(Above: Reunited at the wine festival & it feels so GOOD)

That night it was my roomie’s birthday so we went & got Mexican food! Something I strangely miss from home, not that I ate much Mexican food, but whenever I did it was always a good time. (Um, hello, Tequila). Anyways, this Mexican food was the perfect stomach coating for what else alcohol! We got ready & went to one of my favorite bars & then one of my favorite club-bars. I cannot tell you much about what happened next, but: we got free drinks (duh), met people (boys) from all over the world, got pizza at my fav drunk pizza place, actually figured out HOW to use the weekend tram to get home, & during the most glorious moment of the night, the song Single Ladies was played! Hearing Beyonce in a dark crowded dancefloor is good enough, but it’s 100x better when you are WITH a friend who refers to your high school crew as “The Single Ladies”. This is still one of my best nights in Prague so far!

Even though we got home at 5am, we were ready to sight see the next day!


How Kathleen sight sees…


How I sight see…aka: harass guards at Prague Castle!

During our day of walking around Prague, we saw EVERYTHING. For some reason this city is super confusing for me to navigate, but this day, it all made sense. We went from Wenceles Square, to Old Town Square where we were just in time to see the clock tower chime (It was almost like I planned it…but I didn’t), then we crossed Charles Bridge, then we climbed up to Prague Castle, went inside St. Vitus Cathedral & finished at the Lennon Wall. God, just typing this is exhausting. 

Afterwards we went to a local restaurant to get my favorite Czech delicacy: Svichkova. Remember that dish with steak, potato dumplings, cranberries, whipped cream & lemons? Delish. Kathleen liked it, but unfortunately it may or may not have given her food poisoning! Sorry again, girl, if you’re reading this! My b! Needless to say it was perfectly fine that I had to teach all day because she slept all day. Oops. However, typical Europe, Kathleen’s luck was about to change…


(Above: Before our epic night out)

Later that night (after Kathleen had spent all day bed-ridden), I got a random text from a random number on my phone. This doesn’t even scare me anymore. it’s Europe. But it turns out it was this Greek guy she had met during our epic Beyonce club night. He wanted to take her out to dinner! Awww. She questioned my judgement & obv I played maddd offense. This is what you’re SUPPOSED TO DO ABROAD. You meet cute foreign men who want to slow dance with you in the rain & call you beautiful & do everything else in Taylor Swift songs! So she went out & I stayed home like the Mom I was & eagerly waited for her return. Our relationship had truly come full circle.

After Kathleen survived her date she spent her last day in Prague impressively navigating her way to the Dancing House while I worked. Um, people, give this girl some credit, Czech transport is very difficult to figure out! I’m so proud! I brought her to the airport & she was off to continue her travels in Paris ( 😦 !) & Munich for Oktoberfest. 

Even though I am super lucky to have a ton of close new friends here in Prague, seeing a familiar face from home really helped my homesickness. It brought back good memories from the past, which I feel like is important & something we should reflect on from time to time. This whole adventure I’ve been making first impressions & building up rapport with everyone new I meet. It was nice to have someone around who already loved me for who I was.


I hope you had a great time in Prague, Kathleen! We certainly have come a long way from tap dancing on the alter at MPS. Good luck on the rest of your Spanish adventures! Remember Mama G’s words: Life is for LIVING.

And to everyone else: I hope you learned a valuable lesson in this post: I am an awesome tour guide, even if I unintentionally give you food poisoning… but I promise I’ll make it up to you in other ways. Like being the best international wing girl you know 😉





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