Home, Sweet, Home

4 Sep

So if you don’t know me that well, you may read this post & think I’m a little bipolar. (I promise I’m not!) Remember my last post? It was so depressing. Yeah, I was going through a rough emotional patch, but have no fear because this post is a complete 180! A true optimist to a fault, I never can be sad for long anyways 🙂

So, dear readers, let me fill you in!

I have a new home! On a cute little street called Milešovská, in Prague 3! My metro stop is Jiřího z Poděbrad (aka: JZP since I’m still learning how to say it properly) and it’s right near the Prague tv tower. So far I have seen a lot of young people, expats (people who moved here from other countries), a ton of cute bars & restaurants, plus there’s a daily farmer’s market in the square!



(Above: JZP Square. With the church & Prague Television Tower right nearby)

Although I’m all nice & settled in my apartment now, it was quite a hassle getting here. I moved out on Saturday from the housing provided during my TEFL Course. Luckily, my friend, Kelly, lives on a nearby street to the apartment, so we decided to help each other move. Best decision ever. I had learned my lesson after trying to move back home from Paris. When I was too cheap to take a taxi to the airport so I hauled almost 100lbs of luggage up endless metro stairs, wearing numerous layers in mid-May. The worst experience of my life. I knew that “I’ll be okay” wouldn’t cut it. We moved Kelly’s things to her apt first successfully, but of course, I am always the captain of the Struggle Bus. We dragged my 55+lbs suitcase due to the fact that the wheel was snapping off. And my other suitcase? The wheel was already broken. Classic Jessi. By the time we got to the apartment, I was ready to collapse. 

But let me tell you: my apartment is so cute! It’s on the 3rd floor of a classic old European building. It has a normal toilet, a normal shower, a washing machine AND a bath tub. This is hitting the jackpot for housing in Europe. My roomies are all awesome too! Olivia is from New Zealand, Deep is from New York & Dan is from Chicago. & They’re all TEFL teachers too, so we’re in the same boat!


(Above: my adorable room that DOES NOT have lime green walls, blame Instagram)

Another excellent thing about finally having my own place is going to Ikea. I thought going to Forever 21 was sensory overload, Ikea is that x 100. You want everything. You want cheese graters, you want wicker baskets, you want bowls to put potpourri in. & If you know me, you know I am the Queen at compulsively buying things I don’t need. Luckily, I’m broke so I only got bedding, a light & curtains are next so I don’t have to give nightly peepshows for my new neighbors. Great first impressions, per usual!

After I calmed down about having a new apartment/being able to shop at Ikea for said apartment, my excitement reached the roof when I was officially offered my dream job! I am now a preschool/kindergarten teacher at Keytone Skola in Prague 5! (Remember that boss who I cried with about loving my mom? Yeah, don’t tell me I don’t know how to make a good first impression).


^peep the website. that’s my boss in the video aka the sweetest woman ever.


Today I met with my boss to discuss everything & realized that it’s going to be a lot of work. But I am so ready! I will teach Monday-Friday for about 4-5hrs a day, plus I have private lessons, PLUS I will get paid for preparation time. Sounds good, right? I mean, I’m hoping this salary is enough to afford rent, groceries, cell phone, visa ish, student loans & fun stuff. Hopefully. Mostly, I am relieved though. I feel like I will be really happy here. 


(Above: One of the super-creative rooms at Keytone Preschool. It’s sailboat themed.)

One of the first things that my boss said to me today is that she chose me because she felt I modeled the school’s core belief. Last week I was asked to give an hour demo lesson to 5 kids about summer clothes. She said she loved some of my ideas (which I all came up with by myself, btw because Google was no help). She told me that the school believed that children should feel comfortable in the environment, but also that teachers should do more than teach–they should inspire. She said she thinks I have the potential to inspire. Me?! I just am just someone who thanks bus drivers, shakes Veterans hands & holds the door open for people behind me. I am normal, not inspiring! But maybe I can learn to be…

I am so happy. I have a new apartment. I have new friends. I have a new life. I am so excited to see what comes next. And to think that just a few days ago I was so lost. Well, all it took was a little time. 

I’ve left the nest.

I’ve ventured out into the unknown.

& now I feel like I truly have a new home 🙂




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