#SkullProbs Worldwide

7 Aug

I am a teacher!

Well, I mean not technically but I have only been in Prague 1 week & have already taught 2 classes! And no, it wasn’t just shapes, ABC’s or the basics; it was Intermediate/Upper Intermediate material! Like about clown doctors in children cancer wards & how to write a grand proposal! Out there, somewhere, a handful of Czech people have tiny bits of knowledge that I transferred to them! I feel so accomplished! 


I would have never imagined I would ever be a teacher. I always wanted to be in Journalism. I liked solo work, writing & being on tv. Not standing in front of 12 adults with names I couldn’t pronounce teaching them the English language. Crazy. But then it hit me, we are much more capable than we lead ourselves to believe.

The trouble all starts senior year of high school. You are basically forced to pick a major, aka: an area of study that you hate the least. With this decision, you envision a cloudy crystal ball future, one where this field of study will somehow lead you to both money & happiness. You take classes & actually enjoy them. You write a few Hawks’ Herald features stories, a chapter in a book that is now on iTunes & a 34pg thesis about Lasik Eye Surgery…but in the real world, that’s just simply not enough.

Getting into the Journalism field was risky. Everyone I talked to had some condescending remark to make. 

“Newspapers are dying…”

“There’s no jobs…”

“There’s no money…”

OH MY GOD. I HAVE HEARD IT ALL. But I kept going. Why? Because degrees aren’t as black & white as colleges make them out to be. There’s a ton of wiggle room, which is great news in the United States economy! 

When I told people I was moving to Prague to teach, everyone scoffed: “But you don’t have a teaching degree!” 

No, no I don’t. But do you know what I do have? People skills from all my Lasik Thesis interviews, time management skills from writing a chapter in an iPad book & a whole ton of humility from my internship at WPRI-12 News Station. My degree helped me in more ways than just the Journalism field. And yours did too!

Go apply for that Plan B! You may not have the degree/whatever…but you have more skills than people give you credit for 🙂



2 Responses to “#SkullProbs Worldwide”

  1. lafemmet August 8, 2013 at 7:22 am #

    Very impressive and inspiring post!! My favorite line… ” we are much more capable than we lead ourselves to believe.” Great insight. You are a very impressive woman!

  2. jgravesss August 9, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    Thank you! I just feel like everyone believes they can only be good at ONE thing, and if that doesn’t exactly work out then there’s no other options. It’s not true at all!

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