Better Safe Than Sorry

4 Aug

I never thought that I would EVER say this in my life…but my Dad WAS RIGHT.

I always get so annoyed because he’s super OCD about closing windows/locking doors. Super. He would always much rather be safe than sorry. And, dear readers, I have no idea how much you know me…but I am the exact same way.

I seem spontaneously and carefree, but there’s nothing I love more than routine, rules, boundaries and stability. I am also unbearably cautious. You just have to get to know me in order to see these characteristic really affect me. 

Whenever we leave the house, he always flips out about locking the door and closing windows. And I vehemently assure him that we live in the middle of nowhere and there’s no rain in the forecast!

So today it was beautiful out. I had my walking orientation with everyone and the sun was shining, the temperature was rising and we were all huffing and puffing climbing the stairs up to Prague Castle. Then later on, we got dinner. Then came the storm. Which I’m pretty sure most of the people in my TEFL program now know is something I absolutely dread. Severe weather gives me anxiety and makes me fear my safety. It just does. So after sprinting in the rain to the metro, going home, I came to an awful realization: 

we live in an attic

attics get hot

you open windows when it gets hot…


(Above: Remember the wonderful skylight windows in my room…?)

It had just stormed…

So I walked into my apartment in horror. Hugeeee puddles had formed all over. In the bathroom, in the kitchen…and yes, right on my freakin’ bed. And I just kept thinking…omg my Dad was right. I mean, I had literally no way of knowing that it was supposed to downpour that day…but I wasn’t safe, so now, I’m sorry.

My blankets, sheets, pillow and pillowcase all needed to be blow-dried (Europe doesn’t have dryers, woohoo! So convenient!) but luckily my super nice neighbors helped me out & now I may still have a giant puddle all around my bed, but I have dry sheets and a fresh pillow!

děkuji Kelly, Meta & Ben! 🙂 

So moral of this story, your parents, even if they seem insane and unreasonable at times…have way more life experience. So every once in a while, listen to their advice!




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