Czeching out the City (Sorry, this pun is so fun!)

1 Aug

Today, you would have been proud of me. I explored. Both on my own & with others.

I woke up at 7am because my body either 1) thought it was 1am & time to party or 2) knew it was 7am & just wanted me to get the maximum amount of adventuring out of the day. (It was probably option 3) I live in an attic with skylights & no shades) either way, I carpe’d that f-ing diem right away!

I had noticed the day before that there was a park across the street from our apartment. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was also a bike/jogging/walking path & it was amazing! So I followed it, in my sparkly sandals, scarf & purse, dodging bikers, dog-walkers & joggers for the next hour. The path just kept going & going. It had a few divergent trails that looked enticing, but I figured the last thing I needed was to be ‘that girl’ who got lost alone in the city on the very first day. Sober. So I stayed on course.Image

(Above: The path was parallel to a little stream that had ducks, bridges & waterfalls!)

As I was walking, I passed playgrounds, dog parks & a soccer field. It was cool to see everyone out & about doing their own thing, so early in the morning. I sat on a park bench for a while to just take it all in. It felt so much like Paris. Kind of like that feeling when you feel alone, but also like you’re swimming with the school. Like a real member of society. It was nice.

At around 9am I wanted to head back to the grocery store to get some fruit. I got apples, bananas & triumphantly rung them out with their appropriate stickers. I also splurged & got me & my roomie ‘Mystery Mojito’ & no one batted an eyelash that I bought it at 9am. I love Europe. It was mango flavored & had a picture of a mask on it. But we just drank it & to my utmost dismay I noticed the word ‘pivo’ on the back. Beer. It was beer! Malt-y nasty mango flavored carbonated beer. Ugh. Guess Czechs don’t understand what a mojito is…


(Above: If you want to trick me into drinking your beverage, using 50 Shades imagery will definitely help…)

Later, me & my Aussie roomie, Kathryn, met up with a few other kids in the program to explore the city. Two of the girls (one being Courtney, the girl who met me in Stockholm!) had studied abroad in Prague before & thank God, because we had no clue where we were going. They brought us to an awesome Italian restaurant, then it was time to see the sights!


(Above: Old Town Sq. complete with the Church of Our Lady before Tyn.)


(Above: The Astronomical Clock, which goes off every hour complete with dancing saints)



(Above: View of Prague Castle from Charles Bridge)


(Above: Petrin Tower aka: the Eiffel of Prague!)


(Above: View of the city after climbing all the stairs up to Prague Castle)

For all of those who were asking me what Prague was & why I was going there…do you understand now? Everything is beautiful. The streets are all cobblestone, the doors are all huge, the architecture is breath-taking. I guess I just have a knack for living in picturesque places 🙂 

Another major plus? Everything is so cheap! My lunch was a massive prosciutto & cheese panini with a glass of wine. It cost 75czk. Um, that’s $3.81. And this was in a legit restaurant. So far so good with the budgeting. Something we all know is impossible for Jgraves…but I’m learning! I stocked up on eggs, fruit & am going to buy some chicken soon. I want to be healthy yet also frugal. Here, it’s definitely possible!

After coming back from our adventure, Kathryn & I passed out for a few hours then had a midnight snack. This was when I discovered the injustice that is Mystery Mojito, but I also tried Boursin-esque cheese with POMEGRANATE & NUTS aka: heaven in your mouth when on bread! Ya win some ya lose some.

That’s all for now!

Dobry Noc!

-JG 🙂



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