First Post in PRAGUE

31 Jul

So they say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Well whoever said that didn’t just have the past 2days that I did!

My adventures began with Mama G & my dad waking me up at 6am, so my dad could say bye. My alarm was set for 7:30, and I was unable to fall back asleep afterwards. So it was rough. Especially because, true to Mama G form, we did everything the night before. I was allowed to check 2 suitcases on the plane & bring 2 carry-ons and a purse. Sounds good, right? wrong.

Monday night I ended up going to sleep at 2am after almost having a mental breakdown packing. My big suitcases weighed 52lbs when it needed to weigh “at most” 48lbs. But I didn’t want to leave anything behind! So for about 2hrs we continuously packed, weighed the suitcase, unpacked & re-packed. It felt like one of those impossible puzzles from MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge! I wanted to cry.


(Above: If this whole teaching thing doesn’t work out…hmu Mtv)

Finally, I somehow managed to make it work! Little did I know though, that I would be regretting my packing choices the very next day…

The next 24+hrs would be a blur. But here are some of the things I figured I’d share…

1.) Shame on you, Logan Airport, for charging $5 for those stupid wheely cart things to carry luggage on. Because I guess watching me struggle to wheel one suitcase that was half my size + one with a broken wheel is more entertaining.

2.) If you ever want to people watch…go to an airport. It’s like an international version of esp European male footwear. Just ew.

3.) Shame on you Icelandair for having me sit on a flight that left at 230pm Eastern Time  & land at 1130pm Iceland time (aka: 730pm), & not feed me once nor offer me drink. Everything costs ridiculous amounts of money, which you only accepted via credit card. No takks.

4.) Iceland & Sweden have some of the most beautiful people. Everyone has my desired shade of blonde hair, perfect tan (yet never wrinkly) skin, & over 6ft tall…even like 15yr old girls! 

5.) That being said, being mistaken as Icelandic/Swedish was one of the most flattering experiences. And it happened several times 😉 

6.) Free wifi, normal showers, clean water, cold beverages are all things Americans take wayyyy too much for granted.

7.) 5h20min layovers should be non-existant

8.) That’s why fate sent me friends to pass the time with. While struggling to connect to Stockholm Airport’s wifi in a cafe, I suddenly heard two boys my age speaking ENGLISH. I stopped what I was doing & asked them if my ears were playing tricks on me, they assured me they weren’t. 2hrs later after discussing everything from politics to fashion, I now have two new friends 🙂 Not to mention invites to Sweden/Switzerland! Thanks again, Jonas & Alazar!

9.) After saying goodbye to the boys who insisted on giving me a ‘Swedish Goodbye’ aka: a hug (something not many Europeans seem to be fond of), I thought: great, wtf will I do for 3 HOURS?! But then, all of a sudden a girl comes up to me & asks ‘Are you Jessi Graves?’. Courtney, a girl in my program, had her flight changed last minute & we would be heading to Prague together! Fate.

10.) Prague taxi drivers, aka: the Russian mafia, aka: scammers, aka: potentialTaken 3 characters…also seem to think they’re NASCAR drivers as well! Made me feel like I was back in Boston 🙂 all the cutting off, last minute lane switches & lack of blinkers!

11.) Czech people speak Czech. I do not. They are not very patient with this. After finally getting to the apartment a sweaty, dirty, exhausted, starving mess, I went to the grocery store alone to get food. I bought water & toothpaste at a CVS-place. I got past the ‘dobry den’ (good morning) & nodding…but then my American-ness showed. She asked me if I knew the plastic bag costs money (I did). All I could do was blank stare, shake my head & say ‘I don’t speak Czech’ in Czech as the line of people rolled their eyes. The second grocery store was better. I bought pasta, bread, drinks & apples. Apples that you need to apparently weigh on the scale & get a sticker for. I didn’t get the sticker. She told me this. Once again, I felt hopeless. 😦

12.) This made me wonder: is it better to be recognized as a tourist & then treated like one, or to be assumed a local & then surprise them when you’re not? I’d rather have the first. Something I hate! In Paris, I knew the language & could really try, so far, here I am a pathetic tourist getting on everyone’s nerves.

13.) I thought it was A SICK JOKE when my apartment was in the attic of a building. With four floors of winding staircases & of course, typical Europe, NO ELEVATORS. Thank God the man at the front saw me hyperventilating and helped. I had badddd flashbacks to when I left Paris & decided to lug everything on the metro home to save money. BAD IDEA. Winding staircases, jet lag, no sleep, no food, no AC, & a combined total of 90+lbs of luggage is an awful mix.

13.) Naps & good food cure all. I napped for 3hrs then had a glass of wine, and a Czech specialty of meat, potato dumplings, gravy, cranberry sauce & whipped cream. IT WAS AMAZING.


(Above: it sounds so weird, but it was so good!)

That’s all for now! I am passing out because I want to shake this jet lag by tomorrow. But stay tuned for more of my adventures in Praha!

-JG 🙂 



2 Responses to “First Post in PRAGUE”

  1. lafemmet August 1, 2013 at 7:19 am #

    It will get better and you are in an Amazing city!! you will make wonderful friends. I look forward to reading your adventures. 🙂 Get some rest then go out and have a great time and take lots of pics!

  2. Courtney Russo! August 1, 2013 at 1:08 pm #

    Obvi #9’s name was Courtney! 😀 miss you bestie, keep your chin up-you’ll adapt in no time!

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